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Can Correctional Nurses Care? – Part I
Quite a mouthful, and quite a challenge to deliver in a correctional setting. Some may ask if nurses working in[...]
Can Correctional Nurses Care? – Part II
Caring for and about the inmate population has a variety of challenges to overcome. Besides the dilemma of caring for[...]
Struggling to Define Caring in Correctional Nursing
Correctional nurses face a daily struggle to care for their patients while delivering much-needed healthcare in a restricted environment where[...]
Caring Within The Culture of Incarceration (podcast)
Dr. Stacy Christensen, a nursing professor at the Central Connecticut State University in New Britain, CT, talks about her work[...]
Should Correctional Nurses be Compassionate?
A while back a blog reader emailed me to thank me for providing visibility for our specialty and to take[...]
Compassion Fatigue (Podcast Episode 100)
Sonya Khilnani, PhD, CCHP, a licensed clinical psychologist and behavioral health manager for Corizon in Brentwood, TN, joins Lorry to[...]
Correctional Nurse Dilemma: Compassion or Cynicism
Correctional Nurse Dilemma: Compassion or Cynicism “Compassion becomes real when we recognize our shared humanity” – Pema Chodron One of[...]
The Basics of Caring for Criminals
Providing health care to incarcerated patients is very different than other types of nursing practice; yet nursing principles remain the[...]
Caring in Correctional Nursing: Research Review
We need more research in correctional nursing so I am always delighted to come across articles about our specialty in[...]
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