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Elderly Inmates – Increasing the Need for Correctional Nurses
With the current economic woes, governments are looking at ways to trim costs. The burgeoning correctional system is one place[...]
Inmate Seizures – They Aren’t All Fake!
Correctional nurses can get jaded about treating inmate seizure disorders. After all, many perks can be claimed by those diagnosed[...]
Excited Delirium – Out of Control!
  A medical emergency is called in the booking area of a large urban jail. The inmate has ripped off[...]
Exertional Rhabdomyolysis: Inmate Bodybuilder Disaster
The majority of our inmate patients are still fairly young. Many of the youthful inmate population spend available time in[...]
Pepper Spray: In Your Face
Pepper spray is a popular option to subdue violent or psychotic inmates when other de-escalation methods fail. It is preferred over[...]
Correctional Nursing Alert: Ectopic Pregnancy
A young woman in custody at a large urban jail has continuing abdominal pain over a 14 hour period. She[...]
Diabetes Primer for the Correctional Nurse
Lori Roscoe, PhD, MSN, CCHP-RN, is a Nurse Practitioner and Correctional Health Consultant in Atlanta, GA. This post is based[...]
Seizure Disorder Primer for Correctional Nurses
Lori Roscoe, PhD, ANP-C, CCHP-RN, is a Correctional Nurse Practitioner from Monticello, GA.This post is based on her session “Seizure[...]
Correctional Nurse Clinical Update: Cellulitis
Skin conditions are a common concern in nursing sick call evaluations. Most are easy enough to assess and treat; whether[...]
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