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Help! I’m Not a Mental Health Nurse! Part 1: A Deputy Calls with an Inmate “Going Nuts”
If you work in corrections, you need to understand the basics of mental health conditions and treatments. For one thing,[...]
Help! I’m Not a Mental Health Nurse! Part II: My Patient is Hearing Voices
Psychotic patients have lost touch with reality and have unusual thought disturbances such as hallucinations and delusions. The most common[...]
Help! I’m Not a Mental Health Nurse! Part III – My Patient is Lying and Manipulative
Personality is the emotional and behavioral characteristics that make up a person. Personality traits are said to be present at[...]
Help! I’m Not a Mental Health Nurse – Part IV: My Patient is Not Eating or Sleeping
Carrie is passing medications for the morning pill line in a large medium security state prison. One of the inmates[...]
Help! I’m Not a Mental Health Nurse – Part V: The Officers are Using the Restraint Chair
Crystal was called to the holding area of the large city jail she worked in to evaluate an inmate that[...]
How to Deal with Psychopaths (Podcast Episode 118)
Pratap Narayan, MD, a forensic psychiatrist with extensive experience in the criminal justice system joins Lorry in this episode to[...]
Insertion and Self-Embedding Behaviors
Mitzi Peterson, MSW, LICSW, CCHP, and Michael Beauchemin, MA, work for Massachusetts Department of Correction. This post is based on[...]
Water Intoxication: Correctional Nurse Emergency
Can you really get too much water? I wouldn’t have thought so. Goodness, we have been encouraged to drink more[...]
How to Perform a Psychiatric Nursing Assessment
Brenda Fields RN, RHIA, CCHP, is a Clinical Operations Associate, with MHM / Centurion, Vienna VA. This post is based[...]
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