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Danger Will Robinson! Christmas Week in Corrections
We are moving into one of the most dangerous weeks of the year in our specialty. We need a robot[...]
Sexual Boundary Violations in Correctional Nursing: It Could Happen to You
This past fall I participated in a session on sexual boundary violations presented by Cindy Peternelj-Taylor at the International Association[...]
Verbal Order Safety Tips
Do you use verbal orders in your correctional facility? I bet you do…..and probably more frequently than traditional settings as[...]
Avoiding Patient Manipulation (podcast)
Corrections expert and author, Gary Cornelius, joins Lorry to talk about the best ways to deal with manipulative patients. He[...]
Could You Be the Next Joyce Mitchell? 4 Prevention Tips
Many of us have been closely watching the unfolding events surrounding the NY Prison Break over the last month. Here[...]
How to Spot a Good Place to Work
So you are thinking about correctional nursing and even have an interview set up at a local facility. Besides preparing[...]
Is It Safe? Correctional Nurse Workplace Injury
The most frequent question I get asked by nurses considering entering the correctional specialty is “Is it safe?” That’s an[...]
Are You a Goldilocks* Correctional Nurse?
You remember the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, right? I dearly recall a dog-eared cardboard picture book of[...]
Complacency: The Lurking Enemy
The day shift nurse leaves the medication room door unlocked so she can get to the staff break room or[...]
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