Med Math Help for Correctional Nurses (Podcast Episode 104)


Ep104Jamie Davis, a registered nurse and paramedic, discusses medication math and the help provided by his book – Med Math Simplified: Dosing Math Tricks for Students, Nurses and Paramedics. Jaime podcasts on the ProMed Network hosting shows like the Medicast podcast and the Nursing Show podcast. Jaime is open about his own struggles with math concepts as a nursing student and how that helped him to develop an easy-to-read guide for other students, nurses, and paramedics.

We talk about the challenges of medication calculation and apply it to the correctional setting. Correctional nurses don’t always have the luxury of unit dosing or pharmacy calculation. In fact, some settings are still providing a lot of medication from a stock supply. There are plenty of opportunities for error. So brushing up on math is important when moving into a new position in a jail or prison. Even seasoned nurses can use some help when the rare IV is started in the infirmary and a drip rate needs calculated.

Do you find med math challenging? How do you manage math calculations in your setting? Share your thoughts in the comments section of this post.